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Youth Fly Fishing Program Reintroduces Brook Trout

Posted on: November 23rd, 2014 by alrey


This fall, the S.A.R.E.P. Youth Fly Fishing Program again performed its annual brook trout stocking into the Canadaway Creek in Western New York. The efforts of parents, community members and children foster a sense of stewardship that will protect the local stream for present and future generations while they also learn a bit about their home waters.


me recording


The brook trout that are put into the stream are ready to spawn and our hopes are to create a new population of the species that will survive long term in the stream. Initial reports are positive and encouraging as local residents have found brook trout moving into smaller tributaries to spawn and electroshocking reports have found large healthy brook trout surviving the hottest months of the year. The stocking is financed through grants and the generous support of a private donor, Doug Manly.

Here’s a short video of our latest efforts.


A fishing we will go!

Posted on: October 29th, 2014 by alrey


The fall steelhead season started for our S.A.R.E.P. Youth Fly Fishing program with a few weeks of fly tying and this beautiful day on our local waters:



Overview of Recent and Past Activities

Posted on: June 30th, 2014 by alrey

Apart from the recent videos that I have been posting to my blog, A lot has been happening over the past few months so that have been promoted by the good folks at Orvis and by a couple museums. I thought I would provide an overview of those activities on this entry.

Two new solo museum exhibitions have been presented on waterways in Monroe, Louisiana and Buffalo, New York:

Videos have been selected into Orvis’s weekly survey of the world’s best entries of that week:

I was also named as the Trout Bum of the Week but it was no surprise to my wife who has know about my addiction for decades:

Here’s some tips on steelhead fishing in gin-clear water conditions:

The Diego and the other members of the S.A.R.E.P. Youth Fly Fishing Program also got some press:

And finally, we also got some press for our Children in the Stream Conference which was set up to build interdisciplinary curriculum around fly fishing:


Local Biologist, James Markham, Discusses Canadaway Creek

Posted on: May 30th, 2014 by alrey

On May 12, 2014, we had the pleasure of having James Markham, the Senior Aquatic Biologist of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation – Lake Erie Fisheries Unit, come to our Monday night fly tying class to present a very interesting Powerpoint lecture on Canadaway Creek. Canadaway Creek runs through our town of Fredonia and is where we take the kids from our program and community members fishing for steelhead. The creek is also the stream where we been restoring the brook trout population and where we have our annual stream clean-up and tree planting event.

Jim’s lecture provided a thorough overview of the history and present condition of the fishery as well as the plans for improving the survival rate and the number of steelhead that migrate up into our local streams. The data also presented a clear picture of the stream’s importance to the community and Lake Erie. It was a fascinating presentation.

I have included Jim’s Powerpoint presentation¬†for your review but, if you missed the lecture, some of the graphs might not be accessible. There is enough in the file, however, to reevaluate your perception of the stream.

Overviews of NYSDEC surveys of Canadaway_ Creek-1


Restoring Brook Trout to Canadaway – October 2013

Posted on: November 1st, 2013 by alrey